Fox Project


Personal project

Start - End:

Jan 2018 - ?


Unity 2017.3 / C#

Team size:


My role:




A man and a mystical creature were isolated from their families when the great door of the mountain's refuge closed, take control of them to open it by solving its riddles dispersed across the mountain.

This game is the year's end project of Kiyan Forestier, a friend of mine who's studying game design, I'm taking full charge of the programming on this project and stay clear of design tasks others than giving him feedback. The end product (a vertical slice) is due to deliver in June 2018, at this date I'll have been implicated from the preproduction through the polishing phase, guiding him on planification and documents' redaction.

This is my first 3D game and it contains a certain amount of physics-based interactions. This is an interesting challenge that teaches me a lot by putting myself outside of my comfort zone. I'm also taking care of the global project workflow by teaching Kiyan the use of SourceTree (a graphical git client) and creating small tools inside Unity to facilitate his level building process.

You can follow the development progress of this project by following me on Twitter for gifs or Mastodon for a more complete point of view.

Below you'll find the latest Windows executable available and the corresponding source code (Unity Assets and ProjectSettings folders) without the fox files as it has been bought on the Unity Assets Store and the human 3D model that comes from mixamo.com.