Mini Ludum Dare 66


Personal project

Start - End:

28 Mar 2016 - 02 Apr 2016


Unity 5 / C#

Team size:


My role:

Game designer / Programmer


Windows / MacOS / Linux

The theme for this game jam was "You must construct additional RTS games", it lasted 5 days and I collaborated with Ted Wennerström, a swedish composer / sound designer.

In the links below you'll find the game concept and the assets list I wrote, I communicated those two documents to Ted to give him a rather precise idea of which sounds were needed and how they would be used in the game. It was nice to work with him all along and he did a great job.

The game is named WarClicker 2, I used WarCraft 2 graphics assets and did the whole design and programmation. I thought of what are the RTS and the 4X paradigm, in the end I preferred to explore the interaction of the player with the mouse and tried to create a combo system using its buttons. The result is a sort of "Whack-a-mole" game where you must kill orc grunts by clicking on them before they reach the villagers, you loose if all villagers die.

The game was realized using Unity 5 and C#, I learned a lot on Unity ranging from the animation component to the GUI system.