Ludum Dare 35


Personal project

Start - End:

16 Apr 2016 - 18 Apr 2016


Unity 5 / C#

Team size:


My role:




The Ludum Dare is the biggest game jam on internet and this edition counts over 2700 games' creation. I chose to participate in the Jam track which lasts 72h00, the theme was "Shapeshift".

This time I decided to create a Strategy-RPG in the japanese style (Disgaea, Final Fantasy Tactics, ...), I wanted to push the theme further than a simple shape shift. In software development there's a concept called "polymorphism" that can be resumed to "If object A can behave like object B, then A can be used where B is needed", my idea was to follow this concept for the global design of the game. To my eyes, japanese S-RPGs are the embodiment of this idea with their class system, the challenges should be accessible to the player whichever way he chose to play and therefore these are designed for parent classes.

The scope for such a game was too big and still the temptation was too strong so I started to realize it. At the end of the jam, the game was far from finished but I learned to use correctly the GUI system of Unity and how to write inputs code using the Inputs manager.

I will definitely work again on this game later as I'm fascinated by the S-RPG genre and I think there are things to do in this domain.