Global Game Jam 2017


Personal project

Start - End:

20 Jan 2017 - 22 Jan 2017


Unity 5.5 / C#

Team size:


My role:




This year was my second participation to the Global Game Jam, I went to the same location as last time (the school Bellecour École in Lyon, France). The theme of this year was "Wave".

It was pleasing to meet again people with whom I worked at the previous Global Game Jam. We assembled a team of 4: 2 game designers, 1 graphic designer and me as programmer.

On Friday night we searched for a concept approved by everyone and started concrete work the next morning. We came up with the idea of a local multiplayer game where each player controls a planet and has to destroy others planets to win. The planets have several abilities allowing them to emit waves modifying their relationships with the other objects.

This was the first time I tried to implement multiplayer in Unity, at the end of the first day using multiple XBOX360 controllers was functionnal but it took me too much time and hampered the implementation of other features. Thus at the end of the 48H the game had a menu and controllable planets but no real gameplay. This led to the start of the project Repulsar which takes this concept and brings it to an alpha stage.

Still this week-end was a great experience and I learned many things on my work methods and Unity.