Mini Ludum Dare 64


Personal project

Start - End:

22 Jan 2016 - 24 Jan 2016


GameMaker:Studio / GML

Team size:


My role:




Mini Ludum Dare 64 was the first game jam to which I participated, it lasted 48H00 and had for theme "Nintendo 64". The MiniLDs aim to get people busy between two Ludum Dare, they take place on internet and have lighter rules.

That game jam allowed me to make the beginner's mistakes : learn to use a set of new tools rather than the ones I'm used to, engage in a project which scope is far greater than the 48H00 limit, neglect my need to sleep, eating crap, drink too much coffee... In other words I learned a lot thanks to these mistakes and despite that I really enjoyed to take on this challenge.

In that week-end I started creation of a Harvest Moon 64 replica without modifications in order to learn how to use GameMaker:Studio and its specific language GML. I named this replica Harvest Nothing 64 and I continued to work on it as a pass-time activity.

In the links below you'll find the project in the state it was at the end of the jam, the project's page on my site and a syntax highlighting file to make GameMaker:Studio closer to C# in Visual Studio 2015.