List of resources

Game Design


Rules of Play,
Eric Zimmerman & Katie Salen, 2004
 Lengthy book on defining what is game design.

A Theory of Fun,
Raph Koster, 2003
 Easy to read, it’s an essay on defining the ‘fun’: what, why and how.

The Art of Game Design,
Jesse Schell, 2008
 Good introduction to game design, who is the game designer and how games are produced.

Video Games & Interactive Media,
Stéphane Natkin, 2004
 A perspective on video game creation, technologies used and the industry. Though it has been wrote in 2004, 12 years later most of the challenges forecasted in this book actually matters.

Game Mechanics – Advanced Game Design,
Ernest Adams & Joris Dormans, 2012
 I’m still reading this one but I can already say that it’s a must-read for every game designers with no exceptions.


 Major video games industry news site created by the enterprise organizing GDC and IGF.

GDC Vault
 Online repository of audio records, videos and slides from GDC conferences. A big chunk of the content is free.

Game Developer Magazine
 Archives of this magazine whose publication stopped in 2013.
 News site dedicated to the video game industry business.

 Official site of the Association of Digital Games Research. It’s also the repository of numerous academic research papers on video games.

Soren Johnson’s blog
 Soren Johnson was the lead game designer on Civilization III and IV. His blog is filled with articles he wrote for the Game Developer Magazine and the talks he gave.


Software Development


Design Patterns – Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software,
Erich Gamma & Richard Helm & Ralph Johnson & John Vlissides, 1995
 The bible of software architecture written by the Gang of Four. This is a must-read for every OOProgrammers.

Game Programming Patterns,
Robert Nystrom, 2014
 One of the most useful book to have next to you when coding. First it revisits the patterns of the Gang of Four applied to game development, then the author introduces ‘new’ patterns he saw during his career in the game industry. On his site you can read the full book for free.

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture,
Martin Fowler, 2003
 This book presents patterns aimed at “classical” layered enterprise architecture, a wealth of knowledge and wisdom when you have to deal with complex database interactions.

Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++,
Bjarne Stroustrup, 2009
 Complete explanation of C++ 11.0 by his creator, from the ground up to advanced uses of libraries.

Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools,
Alfred Aho & Monica Lam & Ravi Sethi & Jeffrey Ullman, 2007
 Everything about compilers, it’s a tough book you’ve been warned.

Expressions régulières, syntaxe générale et mise en application (only in french),
Bernard Desgraupes, 2008
 Useful little book on regexp for C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python and Perl.


 Official site of PHP, including the manual translated in several languages.
 News site dedicated to network technologies with useful tools.