Miscellaneous / Some news

Hi everyone, this post will quickly cover what I’ve been doing this last month and what I’m gonna do in the next to come.

The last month

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks in redoing my résumé, Linkedin and portfolio site in english and in french. Now I can say that they are finished (at least the portfolio just need more content, the technical part is done).
You can find them at these adress :

I also worked on Harvest Nothing 64 to implement movements / collision detection and map generation. When I finish this, I’ll write 2 or 3 posts on these systems because they are far more complex using GameMaker:Studio than what I considered at first.

The next month

This month is heavily loaded for me, this begin today with the Mini Ludum Dare 66 which I’m gonna start at 20:00 GMT+1 and stop the 02 April at the same hour.

On 07 April I’ll take a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark to participate to the Nordic Game Jam 2016 from 08 April to 10 April then I come back in France the 11 April.

From 15 April to 17 April I’ll participate to Ludum Dare 35 with a friend who is software developer, we’re currently looking for 1 or 2 artists to take care of graphics and sounds.

If you want to work with me on these game jams or meet me at the Nordic Game Jam, don’t hesitate to contact me! =)

I also start to look for a job in the game industry as a game / level designer and I’m interested in working in Europe or in Canada.

To finish, there’ll be posts on all these wonderful events. I’ll find time to write them, it’s a promise!